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Competitive and Pricing Intelligence Solutions from BotCode

Competitive and Pricing Intelligence

Through our data collection processes, BotCode can track inventories, trends, and pricing, and many other metrics across vendors, retailers, and marketplaces to ensure an up-to-date picture of the market.

Competitive and Pricing Intelligence

Price intelligence harnesses the information and data available on the Internet to give you the most accurate picture possible of the value of your brand and products. BotCode can track all of it, according to your parameters, and deliver it to you in a format that is highly usable for your business.

BotCode scours the Web to match your exact product or even comparable competitor products to discover how things are moving in the marketplace. We will find all relevant pages and pull that data, like price, availability, shipping, and inventory for analysis, to give you a detailed and accurate picture of the market landscape, even as it changes.

All this allows you to make informed decisions, leveraging intelligence to make moves and adjustments accordingly. As the practice of ‘showrooming’ has become more prevalent, with people shopping in person but buying online or elsewhere, understanding what discounts are available and where will help you make timely decisions on pricing and placement to retain customers and ensure return business in the future.

With all this data, BotCode can help you:

  • Aggregate pricing, availability, inventories across retailers and distributors online
  • Ensure price and brand integrity by uncovering unauthorized discounts and counteracting the effects of flash sales
  • Secure repeat business by ensuring availability by monitoring inventory and your distribution chain
  • Discover opinions and reviews on social media for better response and resolution

All this data will be delivered to you in an easy to understand format you can share and use effectively to inform your policies and future decision making

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