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Compliance Monitoring

As digital marketing teams move fast and content marketers move faster, sometimes it is hard to keep track of all of the changes being made to your various web properties throughout the world. BotCode can help you protect your company and interests, by keeping tabs on your brand through compliance monitoring.

Compliance Monitoring

In the vast world of the Internet, every business must do its best to protect itself from fraud and potentially fraudulent partnerships. Compliance monitoring keeps an eye on the processes and people involved in your company or organization to ensure that everything runs according to all applicable laws. It also assesses the risks involved with operations.

BotCode tracks data relevant to you and your company’s interests by ensuring all associated sites and business are performing in compliance with regulations. Failure to comply can result in
fines upwards of millions of dollars and a mark on your valuable reputation. BotCode’s compliance monitoring tracks what sites and organizations are not registered as official sites or

To protect you, BotCode will track:

  • Unregistered sites or marketers using your brand or company identity unethically
  • Identity thieves who target potential customers
  • Unfair practices regarding marketing and product claims
  • Social media feeds and forum posts to analyze the integrity of partners

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