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Custom Lead Lists from BotCode

Custom Lead Lists

Lead lists can be expensive and often stale. Using the web to find the most accurate list of prospects and their contact information can save you a lot of time and money. From scanning
property records to contacts on social media sites, there is often times a way to find your future customers online. Custom lead lists will allow you to target specific groups and markets
effectively and economically.

Custom Lead Lists

With the entire Internet available to monitor, finding the information necessary to cultivate appropriate lead lists that bring in viable contacts, pin pointing that precise point that makes the difference is time-consuming. With sales teams searching and searching for leads, it is also an inconvenient time sink. BotCode has the means to ensure successful targeted searches that
can generate lead lists with enormous potential.

By turning raw data collected from disparate sources into structured and viable information,BotCode has the capability to help your sales team identify positive change in leads status, inform their outreach to clients to enable productive sales conversations.

  • Reduce wasted time spent searching for possible leads
  • Add specific information on leads in your database by following transaction information and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Track previously gathered data and targeted sources to discover trends and changes to guide sales outreach and approach
  • Ensure repeat and future business through data analysis and coordinating that information with sales, marketing, call centers, and retailers

BotCode’s data extraction and compiling will give your sales and marketing teams the edge you need to move from prospective connections to cultivating lucrative relationships with clients.

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