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Data as a Service from BotCode

Data As a Service

Access and integrate disparate information sources with ease. Outperform the competition with real time data updates. From pricing and availability of products to job aggregation and large scale data feeds, we can get the data you want, how you want it, when you want it.

Enabling business agility through data-driven decision making

Market information is a critical competitive factor for many companies and for several more in today’s e-commerce world, it is the primary factor. This information is gathered, integrated and distributed across the organization, enabling data-driven and timely decision-making. Business users achieve new insight to identify market opportunities and define market penetration strategies, making it possible to beat the competition, delight customers and predict changing market conditions more rapidly.

Valuable market intelligence information is scattered across a wide variety of internal and external Big Data sources. These include government, e-commerce and partner sites, social media, competitor websites, and cloud and on-premise applications. They all contain data that can add tremendous value to companies’ analytics, intelligence and information services.

With BotCode’s Data Services, critical market intelligence information can be integrated and delivered into the hands of decision makers rapidly and cost effectively, removing common barriers related to data access, time-to-value and cost. By leveraging our proprietary web scraping technology, we enable enterprises to tap into a wide variety of data sources that were previously unattainable and add significant intelligence into their business.

We provide data feeds and data integration services that mesh with existing as well as new applications enabling organizations to be more responsive to the demands of their business.

When compared to in-house data warehousing solutions, using the BotCode Data as A Service model offers a number of advantages such as:


Fast execution

With no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, on-demand data analytics allows businesses to eliminate the delay associated with the deployment stages. As a result your project or application can be brought to life quickly and easily;



The Data as a Service on-demand model eliminates set up, maintenance and servicing tasks, allowing the IT team to focus on other areas, while simultaneously enabling business users to run even complex data analytics queries directly, quickly and easily;


Lower costs

Data as a Service users benefit from a lower cost of operation because they have access to an optimized IT environment and a dedicated support team whose core competency is supplying data reliably across multiple verticals. Also, finance directors can amortize operational expenditure costs across the given contract period which is much more appealing than having to incur large capital expenditure costs for software licenses and hardware that may not get used.

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