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Data Publishing

As the amount of data continues to overwhelm companies and decision makers, it becomes increasingly valuable for offer data publishing services in your industry. People are willing to pay for aggregated, filtered, and curated information from your industry. BotCode can help you build your data business by providing you with the source data you need.

Data Publishing

With the wealth of information on the web, it has enormous potential to be profitable but also overwhelming, to the point of frustration. The challenge is to provide data your customers need and want, and have it available in a way that is readily presentable and easily understandable.

BotCode culls data from the Internet with specifically targeted searches. With this data BotCode can:

  • Create curated data sets and feed, tailored for your industry
  • Discover pertinent data on news feeds and blogs with targeted keywords and topic searches
  • Follow changes that affect your business, as it happens, close to real-time
  • Use this data for feed analytics, so you understand what all the data reveals in relation to your business

Given all the freely available data, it would be tempting to attempt to track down and organize yourself, but the sheer magnitude that is produced on the Internet makes tracking it all accurately a challenge. Allowing BotCode to monitor the Internet for your required data is an economical solution for getting that data into your hands, without your company putting unnecessary extra time and effort into it.

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