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Financial Data Aggregation Solutions from BotCode

Financial Data Aggregation

When global events shape the market, BotCode can track it all. Using financial reports, news, opinions, sales and acquisitions and job changes on an international scale, we are able to give you a broader look at what is going on around the world and how it can affect your business.

Financial Data Aggregation

When global events shape the market, BotCode can track it all. Monitoring data from financial reports, news and opinion, sales and acquisitions, as well as job changes on an international scale, BotCode can deliver an accurate picture…

Markets are affected by numerous factors. Political developments, company actions and financial reports, news and rumors all play a part. Finding reputable sources and accurately tracking them, as they happen, is what makes or breaks financial data aggregation. BotCode tracks this data from consumer financial sites, banking services, and different news providers that cover government, media, and corporate reporting from around the world.

BotCode’s financial data aggregation is:

  • Up-to-date, following financial and market influencing news as it breaks and tracking changes as they develop
  • Accurate, using clearly defined parameters to target specific data as it pertains to your goals
  • Comprehensive, harvesting data globally from a wide variety of sources and sites, giving you insight into the larger picture which allows you to determine future course and direction
  • Detailed, watching for specific changes and trends to ensure you know exactly what you need

Once the raw, requested data has been extracted, it will be sifted through and organized into the presentable format of your choosing that can be uploaded or shared across your system.

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