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Job Data Feeds

Whether you simply need to aggregate a few ATS systems for your company or hundreds for a job board, BotCode has the experience to provide you with the data you need.

Job Data Feeds

Job data aggregation is the backbone of BotCode’s extraction experience. BotCode has built hundreds of extraction agents for Fortune 500 companies, by combining extraction with our internally developed data verification system to prevent pushing corrupted data or partial data. Additionally, you can leverage the power of publicly available information to give you and your organization a global picture of open positions and where they are. Monitoring these feeds adds even more detail by showing hiring trends, recent acquisitions, where things are moving and hot sectors. BotCode’s monitoring can deliver to you and your organization accurate public profiles, movement, as well as accurate job listings.

With BotCode’s curated data feeds, you will be able to:

  • Aggregate job listings from thousands of sources
  • Keep abreast of availability and potential opportunity with job alerts when positions are added or removed from listings
  • Match applicants through accurate comparisons of public resumes and CV’s
  • Track data from globally available sites as well as trade associations and guilds, message boards and local classifieds, to target specific markets and needs

Part of the challenge of accurate and useful job aggregation is the vast amount of data available on the Web. Targeted searches and relevant data tracking are only accomplished through familiarity with the scope of data available, accurate change monitoring, as well as the ability to find and deliver from small-scale or limited access sites.

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