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News and Content Aggregation Solutions from BotCode

News & Content Aggregation

BotCode can track news sources and feeds internationally and locally, allowing you to have a customized and comprehensive compilation of sources covering global news as well as targeted markets.

News & Content Aggregation

The Internet is made for sharing and finding information. People are creating, writing, discovering and passing along all kinds of news and information by the second online. When news breaks, it goes to the Internet first, on news sites, aggregators, and social media. BotCode facilitates aggregating that news and content, all up-to-date and accurate, for you.

BotCode’s data monitoring, tracking and aggregation provides you and your organization with:

  • Comprehensive news feeds, pulled from local, national and international sources
  • Contextual information – keywords, names, locations, themes, times and dates– to better organize your own feeds and reports
  • Compelling, unique content from disparate sources, both international and regional, to provide a fuller view of unfolding events and trends

Our service and technology gives you the ability to respond quickly and provide the latest information and data for your own readers or organization.

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