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Data Feed Delivery Process at BotCode

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BotCode’s data programs transform web data from any source into usable data through processes that are designed to accommodate your business processes and adapt to future growth and change. Our fundamental differentiator is our ability to extract data from any website and scaling this cost-effectively.

We Are BotCode

BotCode’s service is highly customizable, tuned to your specific requirements. When clients ask, “Is this possible to…?”, the answer is usually “Yes!” BotCode has the flexibility and capability to target the data you need, execute your requests accordingly, and deliver the information as requested in the required formats.

here is how it works:


There is data out there you need. It could be a list of jobs or a series of requests of information or updated profiles within a network that will provide you with the information you need. BotCode then can cast a wide net across multiple sources or focus in on a specific segment for you to find the array of data you want. This extraction can be across the globe, in multiple languages, or it can be localized on a smaller scale according to your need. The scale and interval of these extractions are up to you, giving you unparalleled control over your requested data



Once the parameters are set, BotCode goes to work, finding, refining, and extracting the relevant data across the requested sources while compiling it into a database for your use.



Raw data is an unorganized mess of tables charts and streams of characters and numbers. BotCode takes this newly extracted data and puts it into a deliverable form you can use, creating order out of the chaos. This can be a simple document for presentation, complex data feeds, or organized spreadsheets. The files you need are entirely customizable, organized and set up the way you want and in the timeframe you require.

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