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Retail Data Feeds from BotCode

Retail Data Feeds

BotCode allows you to build enhanced data feeds for your web stores. BotCode’s retail data feeds give you and your company the ability to monitor data on parameters like availability, sizing, color, discounts, and discontinued products.

Retail Data Feeds

Keeping astride of the status of your company’s goods, prices and distribution is vital to any retail organization, especially as markets become increasingly global. Knowing what products are available and their location, as well as protecting brand integrity by catching grey market transactions, is an increasing challenge. BotCode’s data extraction and global tracking ability helps you know exactly what challenges and opportunities are there for your company.

Theses retail data feeds will provide you with security, giving you:

  • Comprehensive data regarding your distribution chain to help you manage relationships among distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.
  • Understanding of your product’s prominence and placement within an online retailer’s page or marketplace, if it gains visual traction
  • Updates on flash sales and discounts, helping response time and positioning and reception of your brand
  • Leverage to negotiate and ensure repeat sales and loyalty through efficient distribution tracking
  • Awareness of patterns in sales to discover dumping sites or grey markets, where goods priced for overseas markets are not sold illicitly for profit
  • Insight into consumer opinions and buying trends by scouring reviews and social media for feedback

These services will give your company a clear picture of your space in the global market, giving insight how to respond and be well-prepared as the market moves and changes. These insights will help you manage distribution and supply feeds, improving market position and margins.

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