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Travel Data Feeds from BotCode

Simplifying E-Commerce Marketing in Travel

The travel industry in now online, mobile and social. Our data feeds and professional support services help travel companies build out their e-commerce capabilities and extend their reach in engaging and interacting with consumers.

Powering up your Online Travel Marketing

Travel companies face an increasingly complex digital market, as ecommerce continues to evolve at a rapid and exciting pace. But how can data feeds help the travel industry promote products and services online and, more importantly, exploit a diverse array of digital marketing applications?

For consumers, the internet is now the primary research tool, enabling them to search for products using very specific ‘long tail’ search terms. The rate of change makes it hard for travel
operators to keep pace, yet it is crucial that operators have the tools and technology at their disposal to engage with the consumer regardless of the touch-point in play. Product data feeds
provide the means for distributing product information throughout the increasingly fragmented and competitive digital marketing landscape. Building and regularly updating feeds is resource-
intensive, especially if the travel agent manages a large online inventory and markets their products through a wide range of partners.

What we specialize in:

  • Extraction and processing of large volumes of travel product data
  • Data normalization, categorization and mapping for on line channel applications
  • Delivery of rich and accurate product data that ensures consumers can easily find exactly what they are looking for
  • Custom data feeds that are tailor made for your specific requirements
  • Product level information that is converted into dynamic consumer content that drives conversions and sales
  • Rich data feeds that contain product information such as availability, description/promotional text, pricing and images.

BotCode extracts product data directly from the front end of the travel company’s e-commerce website, making it is possible to create an accurate feed comprising rich product information
encompassing the company’s entire inventory. This data feed can be normalized and categorized in order to power a number of online marketing applications. The data feed can be provided at any level of granularity that is necessary for your application

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