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Getting the data you need into your hands is our mission

Monitoring changes and developments across millions of sites, our customizable data-collecting service allows us to discover and extract what you need in ways that will make sense to you to help meet your company and project goals. From market trends across all major brands and retailers and job openings in specific sectors and locations to even larger scale data collection and aggregation, we can track it and make it relevant for you.

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Job Data Feeds

Up-to-date job tracking information. Know right away what positions are available and where. Pinpoint desired categories and aggregate it for easy analysis and presentation.

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Retail Data Feeds

Know what is available for sale in online marketplaces. Including quantities, prices, trends, colors, items to be discontinued,
and sale prices, from every major retailer and for every major brand.

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Travel Data Feeds

Keep track of every offer major provider, from Groupon to LivingSocial, providing
for better customer retention through
repeat transactions and targeted

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data management and discovery

made easy and affordable

BotCode is committed to the success of your business intelligence applications and data. With a dedicated team for development, execution and support, choosing BotCode makes economic sense with minimal risk. We are able to discover, track, and monitor data all across the Web,
when and where it happens.

Our services are:

  • Timely
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Responsive
  • Strategic

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botcode: data as a service

With our service, we have the methods and technology to get you the data you require in an affordable package.
These are the steps we take to get you what you need.



BotCode monitors global activity and how it pertains to your brand, ensuring compliance with international regulations regarding site registration, fair practice in advertising,
and product reselling.

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BotCode can track products, prices and opinions across markets. Know the pricing
of any number of items, sales and
clearances from competitor’s brands and storefronts to your own, at any time, globally.

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Lead Lists

Using data available, BotCode can assemble custom lead lists allowing you to target market individuals within selected parameters. From market changes across the entire web, we collect and deliver that data to you in a way that is useful for you.

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Large Scale Data

When the scope of your needs encompasses a large set of sources like web content and news, financial data, market and customer data, across languages and platforms BotCode is able to harvest and process what is most relevant for you and your audience.

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With a proven track record, over 85% of our revenue comes from existing customers.

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