AI Powered Healthcare Improve Patient Experience

AI Powered Healthcare
Improve Patient Experience

Improve overall heathcare by enabling sangeons with better judgment to improve their practice and offer patients the right tools to make knowledgeable desicions.

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Easy patient triage.
Fastest solution.

Conversational chatbots with NLP that triage and clerk patients even before they come into the consulting room.

Easy patient triage. Fastest solution.

Progressive profiling.
Smart AI.

Proactively identify symptoms, crosscheck them against medical history, suggest the next steps, and improve the treatment success rate in cases where early diagnosis can play a critical role.

Easy patient triage. Fastest solution.

Reminder alerts for follow up appointments, medication alerts etc.
Stay tuned.

Reminder alerts for follow up appointments, medication alerts

Payment enablement.
Visa, Mastercard, Paytm etc.

Schedule online consultations and allow patients to pay online using their credit cards or digital wallets.

Payment enablement. Visa, Mastercard, Paytm etc.

Build your patient profile database.

The chatbot collects key information about the patient and their overall health condition. Automatically build a comprehensive patient profile through each interaction that can be linked to existing patient records.

Patient profile sharing with authentication to other various healthcare organizations.


Dr.Siva - Parent

This is a blessing for busy parents like me who want to be part of their children’s schooling and growing up. All I need to do is log in to my parent account and the information is all there. I think its time every school adopted technology like this.

D.A.V. Group of Schools, Chennai.

We have had a wonderful experience with SchoolSkies School management software for the last 2 years. The online admission and fee payment feature has helped in completely eradicating long queues and simplified our system. Also, since parents’ data is readily available at our fingertips, we no longer have to wait to get this information. With technology taking over all aspects of our lives, it is time for schools to implement it in their systems as well.

Principal, Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai

We have a great experience with SchoolSkies. They have been our Technology partners for the last 4 years. SchoolSkies has helped us to streamline the school related processes starting from admission process to giving TC and collecting fees everything we have made it online. During the difficult times of COVID they have helped us to swiftly set up online classes in a secured manner.

Principal, Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai

School Skies has revolutionized the way our school communication works. The new automated admission process made it so easy for the management as well as parents. All the other features and especially the high level of mobile integration have now made it indispensable for the school and also our parents.

Sri.Nandlal Pokardas, Chairman & Shri. DaneshKumar N. Chhabria, Secretary.Sindhi Model Senior.Secondary.School.

“We are extremely happy with online application process integrated with payment Gateways”
“Unique communication System helps Management and Teachers to connect easily with Parents and to gain confidence of parents”

Smt. K.N.Rukmini,M.Sc.,PGDCA.,B.Ed., Principal, Sindhi Model Senior Secondary School

“As a principal I find the system easy to handle starting from online admission till issuing Transfer Certificate. It helps us in every area, making our School go Paperless with this innovative School Management System”

Anjali - Parent

I am very happy Bhavans started using the School management system. I used to go to school almost every week to wait and get an update. Now its all become so simple. I just use my phone to get quick updates or log on to School Skies. I just love it, best school management software ever!

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